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Zen Breathwork

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October 15, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Open Mind Zen Melbourne
2304 S. Babcock Street
melbourne, fl 32901
Instructor: Kellie Garza M.A, LMHC, CST, QS

What is Zen Breathwork?
Zen Breathwork utilizes conscious breathing techniques to explore, release and integrate physical, psychological and spiritual energies in the body and mind. On a physical level it increases oxygenation throughout the body, improves energy levels and stimulates circulation of blood, lymph and subtle energy. This energy, called prana in ancient Sanscrit, corresponds to the function of oxygen. Oxygen is essential for virtually all animal life, and is absorbed through the lungs and then distributed (much as prana is said to be distributed) throughout the body. The fact is many people are starved for oxygen, as the average person only uses about 30% of breath capacity. Zen Breathwork helps us retrain the breathing mechanism of the body to achieve a more complete and effortless breath, often resulting in better health and improved muscular performance.

Modern life is full of stress and anxiety, which manifests in shallow and deficient breathing. So we could say that our breath itself is an excellent gauge of how we are doing psychologically. Through Zen Breathwork past traumas and dramas are seen more clearly, often leading to greater understanding and an increased sense of freedom. Zen Breathwork allows us to experience the connection between the physical body and the psychology of the human mind in a tangible manner. Once we see this connection the way is open for a deeper integration than we ever imagined possible.

On an energetic level, Zen Breathwork can expand awareness in amazing ways, deepen meditation and allow the practitioner to experience increased love and joy. Many feel the experiences they have through Breathwork reinvigorate their spiritual life – indeed the English word spiritual is based on the Latin spiritus, or breath. And since Breathwork is experiential and non-dogmatic, it is not a threat to any particular religion or belief.

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