Florida Mental Health Licensure Services is dedicated to providing complete, “one stop” licensure for supervision for Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors,  Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychologists holding a graduate degree from an accredited university. Custom-designed CEU trainings are designed for agency use, and may be presented during regularly scheduled agency meetings. Qualified Supervisor Trainings, Domestic Violence, Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy Workshops, Disordered Eating Trainings and Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse/Incest Survivors is provided upon request for small groups at easily accessible locations and at convenient times.

The program is designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking licensure or specialized CEU trainings in the State of Florida. It is designed to include trainings required by the Florida Board of Health outlined in Florida Statute. The initial consultation includes a complete evaluation of individual needs with the goal of assisting the individual with the Florida Mental Health Licensure process.

Florida Mental Health Licensure is Board Approved Provider #770.

Customized CEU Trainings Licensure Supervision Qualified Supervisor Trainings
Customized CEU Trainings Licensure Supervision  Qualified Supervisor Trainings

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