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Renewal Trainings: Professional Ethics and Boundaries, Medical Errors and Domestic Violence

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The renewal trainings offered by Florida Mental Health Licensure Services have unique expertise and experienced trainers teaching these courses. Dr. William J Kuzbyt, Psy.D, JD, CAP teaches the Professional Ethics & Boundaries and Medical Errors courses. His unique working knowledge and experience as a Psychologist and Attorney gives this training a distinctive advantage. It gives the chance for participants to ask questions that most of us in the mental health field are told, ask an attorney. Here is your chance to go to a training where you can do just that. There is significant time left at the end of the training to ask questions related to these courses that only an attorney would know.

Kellie Garza LMHC, CST teaches the domestic violence course. Kellie has several years of experience working with domestic violence victims and running domestic violence support group. Her expertise and knowledge is seen through out the training with examples, worksheets, and case examples. This is not your run of the mill training.