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In-depth Look at Narcissism & Borderline Personality Disorder

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Usually within five minutes of meeting a client for the first time with no previous knowledge, the traits and characteristics of a narcissist or borderline are apparent. This is extremely important because the success of the session and the nature of the therapy greatly depends on early identification. Everything changes including the techniques taught to those impacted by the narcissist or borderline such as spouses, family member, or co-workers.


Two of the hardest personality disorders to manage in session actually can become the easiest once a few techniques are mastered. In this seminar you will learn:

  • Identifying characteristics of each personality disorder
  • Different classifications or types
  • Best practices for treatment of the disorder
  • Co-morbidity and suicidality
  • Strategies for family members and co-workers
  • Guidelines for therapist self-care