Florida Mental Health Licensure Services offers Florida Qualified Supervisor Trainings on an ongoing basis.

These trainings are required by Florida law to be “face-to-face” 16 CEU trainings.

Florida Mental Health Licensure Services will provide such trainings using the same philosophy and system described above: onsite, at the workplace or other location offering privacy, at convenient times (in this case, weekends or combinations of weekday/weekend), and in small group format.

An experienced, qualified, CEU Provider WILL COME TO YOU.

The Florida Qualified Supervisor Training is offered upon request throughout Florida. It requires that a minimal group of six participants attend. It is offered as a “bare bones” training and does not include such amenities as luncheon buffets, large convention centers, etc. In this manner, costs can be kept to a minimum, the training can be individualized, and the training can be completed in the most time and cost-effective manner possible. In brief, the experienced, qualified, CEU provider comes to the participant rather than the participant traveling many miles at great cost, requiring hotel accommodations, etc…

The Florida Qualified Supervisor Training, like all Florida Mental Health Licensure Services trainings, is also available and can be custom designed for specific agencies.

Qualified Supervisor Trainings includes a specifically designed Clinical Supervision/Professional Development Manual and instructions for use with supervisees is offered. This manual is designed to become a unique, personal, reference manual for the supervisee. It has been extensively field-tested and has gained excellent reviews.

If you are interested in a training at your location please call Kellie Garza, LMHC at 321-403-7036 to arrange a training at your location.