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Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different from other providers?

Trainings are provided on-site, meaning that the trainer comes to your location, and provides the CEU training for small groups upon request, generally at relatively short notice.

Do you offer online trainings?

No. Many online CEU trainings are available, and our services are not of the “one size fits all” type. We are proud of the fact that we can customize trainings, provide them upon request, and present them to small groups at their chosen location.

What is the cost for trainings?

The cost for trainings depends upon a number of factors: number of hours, number of participants, and variables such as the need for the trainer to find accommodations to stay overnight, for example. However, Florida Mental Health Licensure Services guarantees that our unique service will cost much less than that of other CEU providers.

When you use terms such as “cost-effective” what exactly do you mean?

Trainings are cost-effective in that they are “bare-bones”. No luxury resort is required since trainings are provided at the agency or small group location of choice. No costly brunches are provided. The trainings are designed to meet Florida CEU requirements with maximum quality, but with a minimum of associated expense.

Could you give some examples of “at your chosen location”?

Trainings have been provided at agency sites, in private locations including libraries and local restaurants, and even at participants homes. All that is required is privacy, space, and the ability to use a slide projector.


Does the Qualified Supervisor Training meeting Flordia Board Requirements to become a Qualified Supervisor?

Yes this course covers all requirements issued by: Code 64B4-6.0025 Approved Continuing Education Course for Supervisory Training.